Auto Debit Terms of use

AutoDebit Terms of Use

1. AutoDebit is a payment method that automatically pays your PayPro invoice upon generation following the issue date each month from a designated Debit/Credit card issued by MasterCard or Visa.
2. If you choose to enroll in AutoDebit, you agree to these terms of service and the terms applicable to the relevant PayPro including our Privacy Policy, all of which are available on (collectively, the “Terms”).
3. The Terms may be updated at any time and changes become binding once posted to

Signing up, Updating, and Canceling AutoDebit

1. If you enroll for AutoDebit, the designated transaction fee will be charged as with any other transaction. The AutoDebit will only commence upon completion of verification by PayPro of your Debit/Credit Card (which includes verification by the Card Issuer).
2. You warrant and represent that:
a. the information submitted through the Web or PayPro App in connection with AutoDebit is true and correct;
b. you are the lawful and authorized holder of the Card or where the Card belongs to a third party, the Cardholder is the lawful and authorized holder of the Card and you have obtained the consent of that Cardholder to use the Card.
3. By enrolling for AutoDebit, you expressly consent and agree to allow PayPro :
i. to use, store and process your name, MSISDN, email address and such other personal information which you submit via the Web or PayPro App including making available such information to any bank or financial institution, Card Issuer in connection with the AutoDebit or otherwise in accordance with our Privacy Policy on our website.
ii. to forward your billing amount and other details to the Card Issuer and other relevant parties in connection with the AutoDebit;
iii. (to automatically debit your Card account on a recurring basis by the due date of your monthly bill until you terminate or unsubscribe the AutoDebit; and
iv. to credit your Card account in the appropriate amount for any refunds or other billing adjustments.
4. You can request for an update of Card information (Update Card) via the Web or PayPro App if there are any changes to the Card.
5. You may cancel AutoDebit (Unsubscribe AutoDebit) via the PayPro App and the request will be processed within 3 working days or contacting the business directly.

Use of AutoDebit

1. AutoDebit will only take effect after the issuance date and before due date of your next bill.
2. We may suspend or deny use of AutoDebit at any time, with or without notice for any reason whatsoever, including if we suspect that there is fraudulent or unauthorized use or for any operational reasons.
3. Even if payment has been made via the AutoDebit and your bill has been credited as paid, we may do the necessary payment reversal and you are required to pay such amount directly and immediately by using other payment channel options to avoid service interruption in the following circumstances:
a. the transaction is canceled for any reason by the Card Issuer;
b. the transaction is found to be incomplete, illegal or fraudulent;
c. the transaction is a “Declined Authorisation” or one with a non-corresponding authorisation code;
d. the transaction sum exceeds the Cardholder’s authorized credit limit or there are insufficient funds in the Card account;
e. the relevant Card has expired, is terminated or invalid for any reason;
f. the transaction was entered into without authorisation of the Cardholder or the Cardholder disputes the transaction or denies liability;
g. the performance of the AutoDebit transaction or the use of the Card involves a violation of the law, rules or regulations of any governmental or regulatory body; or
h. at PayPro or the Card Issuer’s discretion.


1. AutoDebit is made available on “as is” and “as available” basis and you agree and accept that you use the AutoDebit at your own risk. We do not make any representation and disclaim warranties of any kind in relation to the AutoDebit.
2. We will not be liable to you or to any persons claiming through you for any costs, loss or damage (whether direct or indirect), or for loss of revenue, loss of profits or any special or consequential loss including loss of profits, data, revenue, business and anticipated savings of any nature whatsoever.
3. You indemnify us and keep us indemnified for all claims, losses, damages, costs and expenses which we may suffer or incur arising from your breach of these Terms.
4. These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Pakistan. You agree that the courts of Pakistan have jurisdiction over all matters arising from the Terms.
5. References to “us”, “our” or “we” mean PayPro Pvt Ltd and any of its affiliates. References to “you” or “your” mean the payer who is using the AutoDebit to pay the PayPro bill.
6. “Card” means the Debit/Credit Card nominated by you for the AutoDebit issued by MasterCard or Visa and accepted by us; “Card Issuer(s) means any bank or legal entity which is the issuer of the Card; “Cardholder” means the lawful and authorized user of the Card.

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