“The World Needs Our Mothers”- Liya Kebede

“The World Needs Our Mothers”- Liya Kebede

This Mother’s day, let’s discuss the effect of COVID on working women who had to work from home juggling house chores, children, and family at the same time. Since last year the role of working mothers has extended, there is an extra task associated with kids being at home all day. Not only kids but also the husbands staying at home have had to adapt to new normal which has become quite a challenge. 

Being a mother and a homemaker, no matter what position you have at your workplace, you are compelled to take care of the domestic work in the house, which it piles up on the daily workload considering there is no house help around due to the pandemic.

Looking at the brighter side, here are a few but major advantages for Mothers who are working from home:

  • Mothers can spend more time with their kids. Being at home allows you to be a part of your children’s routine lives throughout the day. Work from home doesn’t mean that you could spend full time with kids, but you do have more frequent opportunities to be with them.

  • You can save the time, effort and the cost that comes with your commute to work.

  • The new normal can be empowering for both mothers and children. Children get motivated when they see their parents work to provide for their needs. They appreciate and want to share household responsibilities, which makes them more independent.


Research shows that another reason for working mothers are staying at home is that they have been laid off due to the pandemic. This could also be quite overwhelming for a person who has worked consistently over the years and has been financially independent but thanks to the digital era, women have been able to launch their own businesses. Many home-based entrepreneur mothers while giving time to their kids are also running successful businesses be it freelancing, online tuitions, apparel, fashion accessories or a culinary business. 

Mothers have multiple responsibilities and often run all aspects of their family. They already have all the qualities which an entrepreneur requires such as time management, self-discipline, the ability to multitask and work for longer hours hence we see a lot of “mompreneurs” leading organizations today.

Thanks to technological advances and easy access to solutions such as social media, ecommerce, home delivery and digital payments, young mothers have now become more tech-savvy using and learning technology to better manage their business on the go, which helps them to manage their time effectively.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that after the pandemic mothers are coming out stronger and more empowered as they have a more balanced work-life and twice the courage to overcome any obstacle. Let’s honor these multi-dimensional mothers who are acing it when it comes to handling motherhood, running a business, and the household like a pro!


Mahak Salman

Business MarketinAssociate



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